Professional liability insurance for architects and engineers.

Our Services

We maintain strong relationships with the insurance carriers we represent. As a member of a/e ProNet, a select group of insurance agents specializing in professional liability insurance and risk management services for the design community, we have nearly unparalleled access to the companies and their underwriters.

There are a lot of decisions to make when choosing insurance coverage and not all policy forms are created equal. You need someone to advise you on each company’s coverages and, more importantly, their limitations and exclusions.

Our commitment to you does not end when you select a policy – it has just begun.


Application Assistance

We are here to respond to your questions and concerns throughout the application process. With your participation, we review the completed application to ensure you qualify for the correct rates and credits based on your billing factors, practice areas and claims experience.

Marketing Expertise

Our underwriting experience allows us to profile a firm and then effectively communicate our client’s needs to the insurance companies. We are skilled at negotiating favorable terms, conditions and pricing through our strong relationships with the insurance company underwriters.

Policy Comparison

When presenting multiple options, we provide you with a policy comparison guide. Our goal is to help you understand the differences so that you can make a more informed business decision.

Certificates of Insurance

A piece of paper should not prevent you from entering a job site or collecting a receivable. Yes, you need a timely response, sometimes an immediate response. But more than that, you need a team who understands the demands being made by your client and the insurance coverage available to meet those demands. Certificates are more than a piece of paper, and with our contract review services, we work with you to meet your deliverables.


Contract Review

We believe that a key component to a successful loss prevention and risk management program is contract review. Contracts often contain provisions that substantially affect the liability of your firm. We review your contracts and work with you to modify or eliminate uninsurable provisions. As specialty agents, we will review provisions in your contracts from a risk management and insurance perspective. Our goal is to work with you and your team to develop the skills to identify and remove uninsurable and unwise provisions from your contracts.

Webinars and In-House Seminars

We offer our clients access to webinars and in-house seminars on important risk management and insurance topics that affect your business.

Claims Management

Understanding the importance of maintaining your client relationships, we can help you assess whether there has been a “claim” and maximize the use of any pre-claims assistance available from your insurance company.

When it becomes necessary for you to file a claim, we consult with you, provide advice, and then monitor your claim. We will work with you and your insurance company to help determine the best outside counsel to represent you.

Claims do not always happen at a convenient time. In the event you have a claim that requires immediate attention after hours, please contact us at 407-716-0405, or your insurance company’s claims department.

Risk Management Publications

We publish bi-monthly risk management newsletters and pertinent alerts to keep you informed about important trends facing the design community. Please click here to review our recent publications.